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Facebook's Next Acquisition Could Be WhatsApp
Facebook's Next Acquisition Could Be WhatsApp


Mark Zuckerberg led social network giant Facebook is gearing up for yet another prestigious acquisition. However, nothing is confirmed as for now, but that is what the rumor in the tech circle suggests.


According to the recent reports coming in, the Social Networking giant is already in talks with WhatsApp over, what looks to be their next high-profile acquisition after they bought Instagram. The report did not have any insight on the terms of the alleged deal and the price at which, the acquisition might take place.


At present Facebook is facing trouble on the mobile front, after their Facebook Messenger app for mobile platforms failed to get the prominence that was expected from it. As oppose to which, Whatsapp along with some other instant messengers for mobile have been doing great. Facebook even associated them with prominent internet messaging and telephony service, Skype, which was acquired by Microsoft that also is a part proprietor of Facebook.


It should be known that Whatsapp, at percent boasts above 100 million users everyday and per day delivers around a billion messages. The app is compatible with iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Nokia S40 and Symbian platforms, which is used by people with over 750 networks around the globe.


Nothing has been confirmed as for now, but we would not be surprised if Facebook acquires WhatsApp in near future as the Social Networking giant is really struggling to capture the instant messenger users on mobile platforms. However, if and when it happens, it will be a real treat for the social media fanatics who loves staying connected on the go.

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