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First Glimpse Of BlackBerry 10 OS

With increasing number of Smartphone’s in the market, manufacturers to catch up with their rivals come up with new features every time.  The broad selection of Apps make the Smartphone’s more fun and convenient shooting up the device sale, which has been proved by the success of iPhone.  


 If you go through the Google and Apple’s iTune store and play store, they are stocked with more than 700,000 and 600,000 apps respectively.  This is the point where RIM stays backward with its 105,000 apps.  RIM to catch up with its rivals has come up with Black Berry 10 and is wooing its app developers and hopes very soon its Black Berry App World Store will also start selling movies, music and television shows  just as their rival Play shops currently do.


According to reports, RIM has revealed the first Glimpse of Blackberry 10’s key features.  The BB10 features built- in apps from four famous popular digital networking sites i.e. LinkedIn, Foursqure, Facebook and Twitter.  RIM has implemented a whole new user interface in BB10 and has merged the home screens, apps lists, widgets and a unified inbox into one slick interface, which offers its user an easy-to-navigate experience. 


You can keep track of all running applications along with message centre allowing to manage messages sent through various e-mail accounts.  BB10 allows its users to easily flip from one app to other running without returning to central screen and clicking on separate icons.  The BB10 is housed with event notification center, which gives you the information about your appointments of meeting coming up and the list of any of their contacts slated to return as well.


Keeping in mind its business users, RIM claims Black Berry 10 will offer more security features, enhanced calendar management and many other ways to connect easily with their colleagues.


Blackberry provides a quality product and commands a huge 80 million subscribers.  BB 10 by RIM is a bold move and tech gigs   will love it.  We Hope BB10 expands the user base for RIM and gets back the leading position once they had.

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