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Five Major Highlights Of Microsoft's Windows Phone 8
Five Major Highlights Of Microsoft's Windows Phone 8


Microsoft has been a lot in the limelight for their newly launched Windows Phone 8; thankfully, for the right reasons. The software giant aims to challenge the dominance of Apple & Google in the smartphone market with their new offerings.


However, does, the Windows Phone 8 from Microsoft have what it takes to establish dominance in the market? Well, we think they have and here we have listed five major highlights that make the Windows Phone 8 smartphones a threat to Apple and Google’s dominance.


1.    User Interface


The User Interface of Windows Phone 8 smartphones along with their technology core is similar to Microsoft's latest Windows 8 operating system. The new interface makes it easy for the professional developers to create web apps for tablet as well as personal computer platforms, consequently making it simpler for the users to run the same on different devices.


2.    Live Tiles


The start screen of Windows Phone 8 smartphones is in the form of square tiles, which keeps getting updated automatically and displays real-time information including social network updates. You can also personalize the Start Screen of the phone by pinning tiles of your choice, like photos and apps. You can select 20 colours & three sizes for personalizes those "Live Tiles".


You can also icon your choice of email, apps, Internet Explorer, text messages, photos as per your liking. These icons can further be stretched and placed accordingly to fit the screen edge to edge.


3.    Camera


One of the biggest strength of Windows Phone 8 smartphones is its camera, courtesy its Lenses. Several customized features could be added to the indigenous WP viewfinder of the phone to get a completely different photography experience.


The camera tools also provide you plenty of editing tools, which allows you to easily rotate and crop images.


4.    X-Factor


For the music aficionados, the Windows Phone 8 smartphone comes with the music streaming facility through Xbox Music Pass payment given by Windows Phone 8 drops. Users will have access to any purchase made in Xbox Music Store stored all through the Microsoft-branded devices.


By associating the Xbox Live account, users will be able to connect the Xbox Avatar comfortably and Gamertag information.


5.    NFC communication


Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 also offer a wide range of hardware specifications, including the likes of near-field communication (NFC) and multi-core processors. The near-field technology allows you to pay using your smartphone or to connect your handset to other devices that are NFC-enabled.


All these five highlights along with several other incredible features gives the newly launched Windows Phone 8 smartphones a strong contention against the rivaling Android and iOS devices.

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