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Flash Player for Android Devices Delisted
Flash Player for Android Devices Delisted

HTML5 has emerged triumphant in its war with Adobe Flash for mobiles. In the latest reports coming in, starting today, Android devices will not be able to download Adobe Flash from Google Play Store. The company also announced that they have already stopped developing Flash for mobile devices. Adobe Flash Player has already been delisted from Google Play, the users will not be able to get any updates on fixing the bugs unless they don’t have a device with pre-installed Flash from manufacturer or they have already installed Flash on their devices. In simple terms, Adobe wants every user to move on from Flash in their handsets. If you have an Android device that runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean version, then according to Adobe it will not support Flash Player. Although, if you have installed Flash before updating to 4.1 Jelly Bean, then it’s recommended that you uninstall it, as it could “exhibit random behavior.” Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet already doesn’t comes with pre-installed Flash, and even their new Chrome browser doesn’t support Flash.

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