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Foreigners in India Will Have 3 Months SIM Connectivity Only

In order to curb the abuse of SIM cards issued to foreigners visiting India, the telecom regulators have issued new guidelines. The new guidelines issued by Department of Telecommunications (DoT) India, forbid the service providers to give SIM connectivity for more than three months to any foreigner.

The new guidelines, which have been vetted by the Home Ministry of India, were bought into effect recently. As per the report, any SIM (Subscriber Identity Module), regardless of the connection provider will not be valid beyond the validity of visitor’s VISA, and even if the VISA is valid beyond three months, the connection will not be valid.

DoT has also made it compulsory for the licensee to sign a CAF (consumer application form) for certifying that the provided information is correct, before the SIM is activated. Even the date on which the SIM was sold and activated will be mentioned on the CAF.

The new guidelines also need the foreigners to show their address proof and the address of a local reference, which could even be of the accommodation provider or the tour operator. The new guidelines are expected to tighten the loose ends of SIM card allotment to the foreign visitors, which we think is a noble move.

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