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Good News For Old iPhone Users - Apple's iOS 6 Gets Siri & Maps Update
Good News For Old iPhone Users - Apple's iOS 6 Gets Siri & Maps Update

Apple’s new iPhone launch might be hogging all the lime light in the tech world, but the old iPhone users don’t have to feel bad about themselves as they also had received a software update from Apple. In their statement, Apple told that the new iOS 6 will boast more than 200 new features, however not all of them will be available for every device.

The best thing about this update is that it will be free for iPhones launched since 2009 along with iPad models launched as last year and this year. The new OS will also work with the new iPod touch devices. The key highlights for the updates will be an enhanced mapping system and a Siri update.

The mapping system of the new iOS 6 will be in-built mapping system, as Apple has parted ways with Google’s mapping system for their devices. The new mapping feature will give, voice navigation, real-time traffic data and alternative routes instruction to the user. However, the key highlight will be the 3D viewing option that the company will provide with the help of images taken by their helicopters. The new mapping system will also be integrated with their Siri virtual assistant to let you ask directions. The iOS 6 also brings some improvements to Siri, which construes the voice commands and reply to the user. The Siri voice assistant will be coming to iPad for the very first time.

Siri also got some enhancement in terms of answering questions regarding restaurants, movies, and other things. Apple told that they have tied up with Yelp Inc. to incorporate prices and ratings of restaurants in Siri, so as to deliver it when asked. Apple is also teaming up with OpenTable Inc. to let the users make reservations.

Most importantly, Siri now will be available in more countries and in more languages. Apple is also working to team up with car manufacturers to bring in a button on the steering wheel for talking to Siri, so as to let you keep your hands on the wheel. Some of the automakers that Apple reported to have promised Siri incorporation in next 12 months include BMW AG, General Motors Co., and Daimler AG's Mercedes.

All this along with many other enhancements makes Apple’s iOS 6 a nice update from Apple and something to cheer about for the old iPhone users.

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