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Goodbye Hotmail.com; Hello Outlook.com
Goodbye Hotmail.com; Hello Outlook.com

Hotmail has been the leader of modern prevailing email services around the world. However, it seems that is not enough for Microsoft, or they might have their own concerns (growing number of Gmail could be one of them, just saying). If not that then we do not see a reason why the company decided to bid adieu to the incredibly successful email service around the globe. Hence, Goodbye Hotmail.com, Hello Outlook.com. In the coming months Microsoft will be inviting many Hotmail users to try out their latest Web-based email service named "Outlook." Yes, it has been named after the immensely popular email brand of Microsoft. Subsequently, all the Hotmail users will be shifted to Outlook; however, we don’t have any details regarding the deadline for the same to take place. The existing Hotmail users will be allowed to keep their @hotmail.com or @live.com email addresses, but while signing up users will only have @outlook.com or @live.com email addresses to choose. Launched in 1996, Hotmail at present has over 325 million users across the globe, which makes it the biggest web mail service. But its rivals are reducing the margin significantly, especially Google's Gmail now, which now has around 298.2 million users. Yahoo Mail also is not all that far with around 298 million users. The new Outlook e-mail service has been tailored to meet the modern environment, is cleaner, and has features like social integration. Microsoft has reduced the header space by around 60% in comparison to Gmail, which takes the users straight to their inbox. The new Outlook e-mail service has big cleaner icons and the commands appear only when required. The ads have been eliminated out from the inbox from person-to-person emails. The new e-mail service will allow the users to connect with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+, to get all the social information including photos, updates etc while emailing to any contact. The best feature according to us is that even if the user is not connected to the recipient on Facebook, Outlook will still scan the public directory of Facebook and will get the profile photo of the person. If you’ve used the new Outlook.com, do let us know your thoughts on it?

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