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Google Becomes Party Pooper for Microsoft
Google Becomes Party Pooper for Microsoft


The good guy Google is all set to ruin the perfect launch event of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.  The software major has begun sending invitations for one of the Android event, which is set to take place on October 29, which happens to be the launch day of Microsoft‘s Windows Phone 8.


The Google invitation reads, "The playground is open.  Join us for an Android event." The multihued invitation asks the visitors to be present at Basketball City in New York at about 9:00 am.


We haven’t heard of anything that Google will be announcing at the event, so it can be anything from a new Android device to the much anticipated Nexus tablet.  In addition, even can be a Google basketball team.  We still haven’t heard anything from Google, so it’s really tough to speculate anything.


Considering the fact that Android smartphones are way more popular than the Windows Phone, Microsoft will be keeping a sharp eye on the Google’s event, which takes place just a couple of hours before their event on the same day.  

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