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Google Brings Live Traffic Updates & Voice Navigation to Their Maps

Google is constantly improving its products and services to offer the best to its customers. In their latest move, the search engine giant has included two new features to their Google Maps services in India in the form of, live traffic updates & voice navigation (which we reported in our article dated 5/9/12). The newly included live traffic update feature is available only in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Chennai, Pune, and Hyderabad.

The voice navigation feature will give the users voice-based turn-by-turn driving directions through Google Maps Navigation. However, the Google Maps Navigation is still in Beta stage. The Google maps navigation service is a GPS system connected to internet, which lets the users find any particular place only by using the address or name via speaking or typing.

The live traffic update feature of Google can be accessed through PC & mobile phones running Android or iOS, while the voice navigation feature can be accessed anywhere in India on Android devices. The best thing about the voice navigation is that it lets the users change language to Indian English locale through phones’ settings, to speak in the Indian accent.

If you want to activate the Google maps navigation you need to visit Google maps and click on the Navigation button, after which you will have to click Accept to Activate and your maps navigation will be activated.

There are many firms that offer voice navigation functionality in their devices, but considering the fact that Google’s service is free; those companies are in for some serious competition.

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