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Google Chrome Beats Internet Explorer To Become The Most Popular Web Browser Globally

Finally, the verdict of the battle of supremacy in the web browser world is out and Google Chrome has bested Internet Explorer to establish itself as the most popular web browser globally. Google’s Chrome has been chipping Internet Explorer’s market share for years now and eventually took the lead from Internet Explorer with 32.76 percent stake to evolve as the most popular Web Browser Internationally. The market share of Microsoft’s IE came down to 31.94 percent. Internet Explorer was dominating the web world around a year ago with market stake of 43 percent, subsequently Mozilla Firefox with market share of 29 percent, and Google Chrome on the third place with 19 percent. After Twelve months, Internet Explorer has lost 12 percent stake in the browser market, while Chrome has gained 13 percent, while Mozilla Firefox lost about 4 percent and now is at just above 25 percent. This isn’t the first instant when Chrome has leapfrogged Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. In the month of March as well, Chrome was reported to have some decimal percent more users than IE. Although, this time around Chrome overhauled IE for a complete week, but it still is less than a percentage point. Google’s Chrome might have dethroned Internet Explorer as most popular web browser in the internet market, but While Chrome is leading the browser market worldwide, in the U.S it still is way behind IE and Firefox. According to the reports coming in, Internet Explorer holds the lead in US homes with 37 percent, while Chrome holds second position with 23 percent, followed by Mozilla Firefox with 22 percent.

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