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Google Confirms Price Drop For Nexus 7 Tablets
Google Confirms Price Drop For Nexus 7 Tablets


We were expecting it, but not this soon. The launch of Apple’s iPad Mini was expected to trigger the war among the small tablet manufacturers and that’s exactly what has happened.


In order to lure more customers from market, search engine giant Google is dropping the price of their 7-inch tablet, the Google Nexus 7.  Under the new pricing, the 16GB Nexus 7 will cost you around $199, as oppose to the original price tag of $249. Similarly, the 32GB model will cost you around $249. We haven’t got any information regarding the pricing of 8GB; however, the market analysts are expectant of seeing price drop of as much as $100.


The price cut for Nexus 7 comes just ahead of Google’s big event where the search engine giant is expected to launch LG Nexus 4 Smartphone and Samsung Nexus 10 tablet. With the small tablet market heating up, the customers surely will have several options to choose from and the price drop like this will simply make it easier for them. 

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