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Google Introduces Gift Cards for Its Play Store
Google Introduces Gift Cards for Its Play Store

Following Amazon and Apple, Google also has launched gift cards for their Play Store. These cards can be used for purchasing movies, apps, ebooks, and music from Google’s Play Store. Engineers from Google succeeded in fixing the update that indicated towards Google’s impending gift cards. The update revealed resources and code indicating towards Google’s gift cards. Google on their Google+ page of Google Play announced that they would be stocking the gift cards at retail outlets. The gift cards at present are not available in all the stores, but very soon, they will be available at Target, RadioShack, and GameStop based in the US. Google has not given any clarity about the availability of gift cards in countries outside US, but according to insiders, the company is very much interested in rolling out the gift cards in other countries as well. The gift cards in US will be available in US$10, US$25, and US$50 values, will not have any expiry date and will boast a redemption code underneath the scratch-off panel. Customers can enter the redemption code on their mobile phones or on the Google Play website. You can also enter the code online by visiting play.google.com/redeem. The customers outside US will not be able to redeem the code even if they somehow get the gift cards, because Google will be verifying their location and will tell them that it is not available for their location.

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