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Google Jumps into the Tablet Fray with Its Nexus 7 tablet
Google Jumps into the Tablet Fray with Its Nexus 7 tablet

Software giant launching their hardware seems to be the latest trend of the market. We recently saw Microsoft unveiling their Surface Tablet, and now it’s the search engine major Google who’ve jumped into the tablet fray with its Nexus 7 Tablet. Both, Microsoft and Google are the industry leaders in their respective genre, but they want to explore new avenues and establish themselves in those areas as well. Let’s put it in this way, they are after Apple and want to take away its dominance in the tablet market. Google’s Nexus 7 Tablet is manufactured by Asus, but bears the brand name Google. It has been developed specifically for displaying Google’s content, just as the Nexus Smartphones. Just as the Nexus Smartphones, these tablets are also aimed towards the Google aficionados and with a price tag of $199, the 7-inch Nexus 7 tablet will also be rivaling Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Google’s acquisition of hardware manufacturer Motorola Mobility has given them the liberty to develop their own hardware, which can be seen as a small step towards the manufacturing of their own devices. Along with the Nexus 7, Google also proclaimed a new media-streaming device named “Nexus Q”, which will be their first internal hardware product. Looking at the recent developments in the hardware world, with the foray of Software giants, the war of dominance seems to intensify in near future. We will keep you updated on all the developments, so stay tuned.

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