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Google Launched YouTube Capture App For iPhone
Google Launched YouTube Capture App For iPhone

According to reports, in a rare move Google has finally released an App for its competing platform Apple. No doubt Google will soon add this great feature to Android Smartphone’s.  The YouTube capture App is nothing but a dedicated app for recording videos and lets you download it directly  to YouTube and other social networking sites i.e. Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

The App features an in-built basic editing setting, which allows you to do editing on your iPhone such as trimming, colour correction, adding music tracks and stabilization.  The YouTube Capture App has been optimized for the taller screen of the iPhone 5.  You can record videos at 720p and share it with your friends in a second.  The App doesn’t allow shooting in portrait mode and forces you to record the videos in landscape mode, which looks pretty good.

You can customize the settings for the uploaded videos to public or private or unpublished altogether if you want.  The video can run in the background and allows you for multitasking.  The YouTube Capture App can be downloaded for free of cost from iTunes App Store.

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