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Google Launches Voice Navigation To India
Google Launches Voice Navigation To India

The eagerly awaited voice navigation service from Google has finally being launched in India. The newly launched service from the search giant will be offered free on the Android phones and tablets. Although the navigation app was available previously on the Android phones, Google did not officially support the service. The service lacked voice support and only gave the route. At present, the voice navigation feature is in beta stage and Google has asked users to be cautious while using it. The Google voice navigation service for Android phones and tablets allows the user to change the deviation in middle and accordingly changes the coordinates and reroutes. The users also get several options like walking directions, driving directions, saving the routes and even the option to add layer to change the basic view. The turn-by-turn voice navigation as for now will give an edge to Android phones and tablets over Appleā€™s iPhone and iPad in Indian market, especially considering the fact that Apple has disowned Google maps from their iOS 6.

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