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Google Maps For iOS Is All Set For Final Testing

Apple was in news for its glitches in iPhone maps and finally Apple approached Google maps for its solution.  If reports are to be believed Google is all set to test its map apps for iOS and is giving final touch-ups to the app.


The reason why Apple thought of creating its own Map app is that Google provides others also the same featured map apps which it uses for its Android phones i.e the ‘turn-by-turn navigation’ but unfortunately apple was unsuccessful in creating its own map app.  According to reports, Google team is testing the map app, which contains the same ‘turn-by-turn navigation same as Android counterparts.



Later the news was revealed that Nokia has also announced its completion of map app for iOS called Here Maps.  The software will compete with Apple’s own map app and will be released soon.  According to reports, Google maps are the most easy, accurate and convenient to use regardless of device, operating system and browser.



As you look on to the Apple maps it has got many shortcomings, which are still not resolved and the company CEO has publically apologized to the iPhone user’s who faced this issue.  He had also promised to solve the issue as soon as possible but there is no news of any improvements.



If reports are to be believed, Google is working on a replacement application, which is given the company’s footprints on Apple’s platform.  Currently google is having 24 apps on iOS from its Web browser Chrome to, a search app, Gmail, and Google earth.  Google had simply said that they want its service on every OS and device.

Google may find it difficult to get its Map apps approved by Apple giving the same features as Apple’s own offering.


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