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Google Play Store Beats Apple iTunes
Google Play Store Beats Apple iTunes

Google nearly caught up with its rival Apple app store.

Google play store has reached the significant milestone: 25 billion downloads, which is equivalent of the Apple’s app store.

The total no. of apps available for download in Google App store is 6, 75,000, which surpasses Apple’s apps store.

Apple touched the historical mark back in March, with 25 billion app downloads from their app store. In present day Google had filled in the gap between both the stores in terms of total downloads. Google Play Store only has 25,000 less apps in comparison to Apple, which has 700,000 apps.

It’s not the first time Google has beaten Apple. Google has more no. of devices as compared to Apple. Both Apple and Google have the same rivals Microsoft and RIM. The waterloo and Redmond companies boast more than 100,000 apps in their app store; however, RIM’s no. is reset to zero.

Google is celebrating its victory giving their users sale on applications. Its users can get heavily discounted and free apps in Google play store.

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