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Google Surpasses Hotmail To Become Largest Email Service
Google Surpasses Hotmail To Become Largest Email Service


The number of Gmail users has grown significantly over the past years. The growth has been so significant that Gmail finally has surpassed Hotmail and has become world’s largest email service. In the month of June Google proclaimed that they have user base of around 425 million.


According to reports coming in, Gmail has total user base of around 287.91 million, followed by its oldest rival Hotmail with user base of 286.23 million. The third spot was snatched by Yahoo! Mail, which has user base of 281.72 million.


Since its inception, back in 2004, Google has been constantly adding features on Gmail on regular basis. The latest addition being a faster mail compose feature on Gmail. The new compose feature is a lot quicker and opens pretty much like a chat box, although a bit bigger. 

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