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Google Upgrades Their Maps for Android
Google Upgrades Their Maps for Android

Google’s Map has been facing fierce competition from Apple, with both the technology major stepping up with new and advanced features for their respective devices and services. In their latest move, Google has upgraded their mapping system for their Android devices. The latest improvement in Google maps is focused around the public transportation alternatives in around 500 cities across the globe. The latest update includes departure times for across 1 million stations across the world and recommended routes. The number of stations included is around 50 percent more than the number about a year back. At certain stations, Google will also be providing the indoor directions to let the passengers navigate the system. In order to stretch their competitive lead, Google is offering the latest update exclusively on their Android devices. The models on which the update will be available include models from HTC Corp., Samsung Electronics Co., Google's Motorola Mobility division and Sony Corp.. However, Google announced that they will be offering the updates on other devices like the iPad and iPhone, but they haven’t given any specific time for that.

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