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Google: World’s Second Largest Tech Company
Google: World’s Second Largest Tech Company


Apple’s unprecedented dominance in the tech world hasn’t been challenged for quite some time now. However, the rivalry for the runner up spot amid Google and Microsoft has been fierce always.  With both the tech giants stretching their limits to edge out the other one, this rivalry has had its fare share of ups and downs. However, it seems that the internet giant has surpassed the software major as per current valuations.

After quite a long tug of war with the Microsoft, Google finally has snatched the throne of second largest tech company of the world. Google saw 0.7 percent of rise to $759.98, with market capitalization of around $249.2 billion.

While, Google saw the growth courtesy to their Android Operating System for mobiles, Microsoft came down by 0.3 percent to $29.67, with market valuation of $248.7 billion.

From records, it’s pretty evident that Microsoft and Google will continue their battle in coming month for second place. Google might not reach to Apple’s $632 billion valuation.  However, looking at the trends one would not be surprised if they surpass Apple

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