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Google eyes to acquire WhatsApp: Rumour
Google eyes to acquire WhatsApp: Rumour


Google eyes to acquire WhatsApp: Rumour


Google had made an attempt to buy WhatsApp sometime in December last year, but that discussion did not progress much beyond the initial discussion stage. Now Google is again reported to be in discussions to buy WhatsApp.


Sources close to the discussions claim that WhatsApp is holding out for a price close to 1 billion dollar, something that has been labeled as "playing hardball".


The reason behind the idea of Google to acquire WhatsApp is to integrate all of its messaging services in what it calls Project Babel, and the current WhatsApp team with their expertise of running a very popular cross platform messaging app could help do the integration seamlessly. The services include Google Voice, Google Hangouts, Google Talk, essentially Google+ as a whole at some stage.  


Currently, WhatsApp is the most desirable thing for both users and even tech giants. All this is because the messaging app has managed to stand tall among its competitors. The network has seen tens of millions of users sign up, across a variety of smartphone platforms - Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Apple's iOS. So, it make sense for Google to acquire WhatsApp.

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