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Google plans to launch Note-Taking service
Google plans to launch Note-Taking service


Google plans to launch Note-Taking service

Google have plans to bring out a new note-taking service called Google Keep after making its mind to kill the Google Reader.

According to reports, Google Keep resembles Google Notebook service with screenshots made available.

Since Google Notebook was all about "notes", we can expect Google Keep to be an "improved Note Taking" service that helps users to maintain notes, create checklists for themselves, use colour-coding to save notes and even put all their notes in archives, and use for future viewing.

Google's note-taking service is also expected to offer users a list and thumbnail view running at the same time. It’s also said that Google search bar will be integrated with "Keep". Apart from the web version of "Keep", there is also an Android application of the service; but there are no signs of this app on Google Play, as of now.

The expected "Google Keep" reminds us of the famous note-taking app Evernote, which also provides similar note-making functionality to users and also comes in the form of an Android app that is currently available on Google Play. Even Microsoft's Onenote is a popular note-taking service.

In addition, a Google Plus post has mention about the "unreleased" Google Keep and its integration with Google Drive. Even various screenshots of Google Keep have emerged that seem to suggest that the service is indeed in the process.


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