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Google's Android & Apple's iPhone To Overtake BlackBerry's Stake of Enterprise Users First time in 2
Google's Android & Apple's iPhone To Overtake BlackBerry's Stake of Enterprise Users First time in 2

The days of dominance of RIM in the enterprise world might be over very soon. As per the latest reports coming in, Google's Android powered handsets and Apple's iPhone will very soon overtake the stake of enterprise customers running RIM's BlackBerry, which has been dominating that segment for quite some time now.


According to the latest forecast, the total number of Android shipments entering the market will touch 87.7 million marks, while Apple’s iPhone shipments will touch 37.1 million. All these figures are in addition to the corporate-furnished figures standing 31.1 million and 15.1 million for iPhone and Android, correspondingly.


The joint figures of the two giants outpaces RIM’s BlackBerry by quite a huge margin with RIM's BlackBerry touching 5.2 million mark for employee liable consignments and 14.8 million from customers. The reducing interest from the mainstream consumer’s base is hurting RIM's efforts of staying on top of the enterprise pile. BlackBerry led the corporate liable shipments, in 2011with 22.4 million.


The report said that BlackBerry remains the gold standard for security; however, the deviating interest of consumers has been a huge hindrance in its popularity. According to the forecast, Apple’s iPhone soon will be the top corporate liable smartphone and will be bringing 68.9 million shipments in the year 2016.


The increasing use of iPhone by the corporates and the incredible user friendliness of Android have resulted in significant drift of users from RIM and it seems to grow further in near future. While, this report will bring a wide smile on the faces of folks at Apple and Google, the engineers at RIM need to put on their thinking hats. Enter Your News Here

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