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HTC, Samsung Might Sue Apple to Stop iPhone 5 Import
HTC, Samsung Might Sue Apple to Stop iPhone 5 Import

Apple might get a taste of its own medicine. It’s hardly one day left before Apple announces their next-gen iPhone, which is expected to be called iPhone 5 and reports are coming in that Taiwanese mobile manufacturer has filed a lawsuit against Apple. According to the reports, the Taiwanese electronic major intend to stop iPhone 5's import in the United States of America over patent violation.

In their lawsuit against Apple, HTC has claimed that Apple’s iPhone 5 and next-gen iPad infringe upon two of their patents, which ensures persistent data transfer in big volumes. The Taiwanese manufacturer has filed the lawsuit with International Trade Commission.

HTC and Apple have been involved in the court battle for over two years now, and with a win here, HTC will be able to fetch big bucks for settlement from Apple. A win for HTC will also mean that Apple will have to confer terms and conditions with the Taiwanese tech giant to keep selling two of their top-selling products or might have to eradicate the said patent violating technology.

The most important thing here is that it Apple eradicates 4G/LTE technology from its new devices, it will end up far behind its rivals including Samsung, which already has devices supporting high-speed data transfer on 4G connections.

In another report, it was reported that Samsung would also be filing a lawsuit against Apple over infringement of patent in the impending iPhone 5. The report said that Samsung is eyeing ban on Apple’s new phone in US and European markets in their lawsuit. Interestingly, all these developments have taken place immediately after Apple announced that they would use 4G data transfer technology in their upcoming iPhone.

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