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Hidden Eye Secure’s Your Android Phone
Hidden Eye Secure’s Your Android Phone



Are you worried about securing your Android Smartphone? Intelligent Open source based application “Hidden Eye” has got solution for your worry.


The Hidden Eye is designed aiming at Android phone users, which is simple yet powerful.


Using this Application you can save your phone from strangers who unknowingly or knowingly try to unlock the phone.


Hidden Eye app has got impressive features and does not eat much of your memory space.   It captures the photo of the stranger trying to unlock the phone and sends it to the specified email-id.  Along with photograph the app also allows to set the ringtone and when one tries an attempt to unlock the phone rings.  Hidden Eye App allows you to Sync all the images captured, to your Drop box account.


Hidden Eye App is simple to use yet powerful enough to protect your Android phones from thieves. 


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