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IdeaPAD Yoga -New Series from Lenovo to be Launched Soon
IdeaPAD Yoga -New Series from Lenovo to be Launched Soon


Lenovo has come out with its latest hybrid notebook/ tablet for the Indian market known simple as “IdeaPad Yoga”.The product with the 13 and 11 inch screen that can flip and fold effortlessly is likely to be available on the shelves in a few days time.

This particular series was talked about a lot at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 where it was showcased that it has the ability to swiftly switch modes between an ultrabook and a tablet. The price of these products is estimated at Rs 84,290 for the 13 inch and Rs 61,790 for the 11 inch. The convertible experience is to do with that at the flip there is a special patented double hinge which allows the keyboard to flip 360 degrees beneath the screen turning it into a tablet. These devices come preloaded with Windows 8 Version.

The 13 inch weight 1.54 kg and claims to have eight hours of battery life which if true is a very critical parameter in deciding which product to buy. The 11 inch weights 1.25 kg and claims to have an additional two hours of battery life.

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