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India Stepping Ahead In Technology: Planning To Build World’s Fastest Supercomputer
India Stepping Ahead In Technology: Planning To Build World’s Fastest Supercomputer

India is moving ahead in technology world, and aims to build supercomputer faster than IBM Sequoia.

As per the reports, the Indian Telecom and IT minister, Mr. Kapil Sibal estimated the cost of developing petaflops & exaflops supercomputers at around Rs. 4,700 Crore to Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Manmohan Singh. The supposed time for the development is 5 years, which means by 2017 we might see India’s very own supercomputer.

However, India’s attempt to make cheapest tablet in the form of “Aakash” was not successful, but the Indian govt. didn’t stop there & had bigger and powerful projects in the vicinity. To make world’s fastest supercomputers India has to beat the current supercomputer i.e. IBM Sequoia based on Livermore USA with speed of 16.32 petaflop and electricity consumed by this is nearly 7890.0 kW.

If you see the list of 2012 supercomputers India’s current supercomputers ranks 58 which is at CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) centre for mathematical modeling and computer simulation in Banglore. India’s rival Chinese supercomputer, Ti-anhe-IA back in 2010 was world’s fastest supercomputer and was placed at National Supercomputing Center in Tianjin. However, in 2012, Chinese Supercomputer, Nebula ranked at no 10 & is placed at National supercomputing Centre in Shenzhen.

While, we’ve seen some technological marvels from Indian tech majors, there have been quite a disappointments as well. However, we are hoping to see a better outcome contrary to what people might perceive after the “Aakash” debacle.

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