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Indian Government Bans Bulk SMS & MMS Service for 15 Days
Indian Government Bans Bulk SMS & MMS Service for 15 Days

If you’ve been getting a lot of “Message Sending Failed” reports on your mobile then don’t curse your service provider. Following the exodus of North-Eastern people from different parts of the country Government of India has decided to ban bulk SMS service to check spread of rumors causing exodus. All the service providers already have been sent directives from Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to ban bulk SMS & MMS services with immediate effect. This will affect the revenue of service providers by up to 30%, which includes losses from SMS and MMS services. Any individual will not be able to send more than 5 messages in one go and more than 20 KB data during the ban period. So, brace yourself for a bit of communication gap. However, this isn’t the first instant of any such ban from Government, previously government has forced such ban after the Ayodha verdict and during Independence Day in Jammu & Kashmir.

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