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Indian Smartphone Market Set To Get Intel Powered Smartphone
Indian Smartphone Market Set To Get Intel Powered Smartphone


According, to reports, the chip giant Intel would expand their lineup and develop Smartphone’s in partnership with handset makers in India.   The Smartphone will be touch screen based and will run on Google’s Android OS.  Indians will get the chance to grab handset by the middle of 2013.


Intel presently in India is having partnership with Lava. The Lava handset, which features Intel’s chip launched this year is “Lava Xolo


From the sources it was revealed that, the handset that Intel has launched with Lava was premium one and now the U.S based chipmaker has learnt the fact that it’s important to have a offer choice and portfolio to the user.  The company will not launch entry-level handsets but will reward Indian Smartphone market with their alluring Smartphone.


Intel has owned the high number of fans for the gadgets powered by Intel’s chip and now they are about to sprinkle their magical touch to the Smartphone’s.

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