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IntelliPaper – A USB Flash Drive Made Of Paper
IntelliPaper – A USB Flash Drive Made Of Paper

The standard storage device, the Flash drives have come a long way in the past few years.  The devices, which initially were huge in size even for the storage of as less as 64MB data, now have become small enough to fit on your fingertip and can store upwards of 64GB


However, now IntelliPaper intends to redefine the thinness (or thickness) of flash drives to further heights.


The overall idea is exactly as the name suggests, developing a USB storage device made up of paper.  Using IntelliPaper, you could easily send thin paper flash drive along with your official or personal mail, invitations, business cards, gifts, and more.  However, the memory of this paper flash drives ranges from 8 MB to 32 MB, which we think is adequate space for attaching images, files, and even other small low quality video files.


Now, while some might say that such less storage space is not practical in most of the situations, we think that it is a fine example of how long the technology has brought us.  This also gives us a fine perspective of what the future holds for us in coming future.  For sure, the increasing usage of cloud storage has given a blow to the physical storage world and has made it look like a thing of past.  Overall, we are impressed with the idea of IntelliPaper and think that it might be a thing in the future.

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