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It’s Time Android Change Its UI
It’s Time Android Change Its UI

The news of Apple wining the patent infringement lawsuit over Samsung has been doing rounds on web for quite some time now. But, while everyone is aware of Apple’s victory over Samsung, not many know that the jury has ruled out that many of Android’s functions are too similar with Apple’s iOS. That could be a surprise for many Android users, but that actually is fact. As a matter of fact the jury found that the look and feel of several Samsung’s devices, which run Android also infringes on Apple’s patents. The jury found that in a lot of ways Android is pretty much like the iOS. Now, without being biased we’d say that, in some ways the jury was right and its high time Google change the UI for their Android OS. If you have used Android and iOS both then you will understand what we are talking about. Having said that, we don’t want Google to change its UI just to save itself from getting into any patent infringement battle, it’s just to get itself distinguished from iOS. We know that one of Android’s biggest strength is the ability to get customized as per the users’ requirement. But it shouldn’t be up to every individual user to put widgets and layouts as per their requirement to make the UI look different. What Android needs to do is to bring in a new User Interface that gives it the look and feel of an original UI. How they want to do it is up to them, get a third party add-on or acquire a company that has an exclusive User Interface, we just want them to swank originality.

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