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Jelly Bean reaches 25% on Android devices
Jelly Bean reaches 25% on Android devices


Jelly Bean reaches 25% on Android devices


As per the Google latest census procedure, Jelly Bean has seen a significant growth over month and now runs on 25 percent of all Android devices. This includes Android Jelly Bean versions 4.1 and 4.2.


Its notable Jelly Bean was on just 16.5 percent last month. With the release of the new charts, Google has changed the way it collects information for the monthly Dashboard release. Back in the day when Froyo and Eclair were the current builds, Google took information from Android phones each time they checked in to Google servers. Now, the data comes from phones as they visit the Google Play Store. This should result in more accurate information.


“The new device dashboards are based on the devices of users who visit the Google Play Store (rather than devices that have checked-in to Google servers). As a result, the dashboards more accurately reflect the users most engaged in the Android and Google Play ecosystem and thus most likely to download and use your apps,” source said.  


“If you've published your app in Google Play, remember that you can get even more information about the devices your users are using from the statistics available in the Google Play Developer Console. And remember, no matter how you slice it, the pie just keeps getting bigger!!”


Android 4.1+ Jelly Bean is clearly gaining on Ice Cream Sandwich, which has seen a slow growth. It now runs on 29.3 percent, up from 28.6% in February. Gingerbread is continuing its slow descent, slumping to 39.8 percent, down from 44.2 percent this time last month. Other Android distributions are: Ice (Honeycomb (0.2%), Froyo (4.0%), Eclair (1.7%), and Donut (0.1%).

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