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Know How To Upgrade Your Samsung Galaxy Note To Ice Cream Sandwich
Know How To Upgrade Your Samsung Galaxy Note To Ice Cream Sandwich

Samsung has started offering Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for their Galaxy Note. Since, then there have been many questions coming our way regarding the way to upgrade to Android 4.0. If you also are wondering on how to update then here’s the step-by-step process to the Android 4.0 upgrade for your Samsung Galaxy Note. It should be known that upgrade would appear on different versions of the device on different occasions. However, if you aren’t patient enough to wait for the official pop-up you can upgrade manually, although you will need a Windows PC. Now, before we commence describing the Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade process for your Galaxy Note, let us clarify that we will not be responsible for anything if something goes wrong during upgrading. Therefore, here are the steps to upgrade Samsung Galaxy Note to Ice Cream Sandwich: 1.) Download "Odin" and save it on your hard drive. 2.) Download Samsung Kies drivers and save it on your hard drive. Note: If you have Samsung Kies on your system and have used Galaxy Note through it, you don’t have to do follow Step 2. 3.) Download the official ICS firmware for Samsung Galaxy Note and save it in the same folder where you saved Odin. 4.) Now, switch off your Samsung Galaxy Note and put it in download mode by pressing and holding the home button, the volume down key, and the power button simultaneously. 5.) Pressing that button will bring a screen with arrow up button, which you need to press. 6.) Now, you should connect your Galaxy Note to the PC through USB cable. If you don’t have Kies installed then you will need to direct it to the Samsung Kies drivers you downloaded and installed in 2nd step. However, if you have it installed then it automatically will be directed there. 7.) Now you will have to open Odin software downloaded in 1st step. Run the "Odin3 v1.85.exe.” While doing that make sure that “ID: COM” box is yellow. Every PC will have different COM port number. 8.) Now, click on PDA in Odin. After that, select the Samsung ROM that you’ve downloaded in 3rd step. The file name here should have .tar.md5 extension. 9.) Now, click on the Start button appeared on the next screen. 10.) Once the firmware is installed, you are good to go. The installation should get over in couple of minutes. Once the installation is over you can restart the Galaxy Note. Now, under your settings menu when you go to about you will find Android version listed as 4.0.3. Viola! You are now running Android 4.0 on your Galaxy Note. So, are you going to upgrade to Android 4.0 or will wait for the upgrade to pop on to your screen.

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