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LG Set TO Unveil Its First NEXUS-Branded Smartphone
LG Set  TO Unveil Its First NEXUS-Branded Smartphone


In collaboration with Samsung Google had released its first Galaxy Nexus Phone and now it seems the second Nexus branded Smartphone will be launched by LG.  Google’s next Nexus device inspired by LG’s new Optimus G handset and is yet to be named.


According to reports, it sports an IPS display with 8 MP camera, quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 2 GB RAM and supports wireless charging.


If the rumors are true, Google might give rights to many other manufacturers to release Nexus brand Smartphone if they meet Google’s standards.  It includes that OME’s should use stock Android and ensure Smartphone upgraded with Android 5.0, it should also support for customization support and 64 MB of secure memory.


Hope, LG wins its consumer’s heart with its first Nexus branded Smartphone like how it did with LG Optimus G.

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