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LG’ Electronics Brings 84-inch "Ultra High Definition" Flat Panel TV To Customers
LG’ Electronics Brings 84-inch


LG has embarked upon a new era in home entertainment, with the launch of their first “Ultra High Definition” flat-panel TV for the customers. However, as for now it’s only available for the customers in United States. To give you a perspective of what the “Ultra High Definition” means let us tell you that it is around 4 times the resolution of modern days HDTVs.  


The innovation in the entertainment world, the LG 84-inch (diagonally) LED TV, boasts an indigenous Ultra High Definition screen resolution of 3840 x 2160, which perfectly matches the imposing size of the TV. The LG 84LM9600’s display has quadrupled the detail levels from the complete 1080p HD resolution to an enormous 8 million pixels.


Along with the imposing picture quality, the LG 84LM9600 also comes fitted with a significantly developing Smart TV ecosystem, which comprises of more than 1,000 apps and gives the user access to a wide range of top content services. Using the LG Magic Remote, consumes will be able to comfortably navigate and browse the Smart TV ecosystem, which gives users facility to make commands through the Voice Recognition control modes, Magic Gesture, Wheel, and Point. LG has also fitted it with their CINEMA 3D technology along with an en suite 2D to 3D change engine, which further enhances the availability of 3D content.


With the launch of LG’s 84LM9600, the entertainment world will see a new shift from the full HDTV to “Ultra High Definition.” So, brace yourself for the incredible innovation called the “Ultra High Definition.”


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