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LG's Pocket Photo Printer - World’s Smallest Mobile Picture Printer
LG's Pocket Photo Printer - World’s Smallest Mobile Picture Printer

If you are looking for something that could meet your last minute photo print requirement, then LG's Pocket Photo printer is just the perfect device for you.

Measuring around 2.8- x 4.7- x 0.9-inches, the LG Pocket Photo Printer is touted as the smallest mobile picture printer in the world. This makes it easy to carry around anywhere you go, and ideal to fulfill your last minute photo-printing requirement. The images from smartphones are being redirected to the Optimus Vu-sized hardware using Bluetooth, USB or NFC, via an Android app, which can also be used for applying overlay QR codes, filters, and messages on the images.

Now, while all that sounds tempting for the Android users, the iPhone users might be left behind, because we haven’t heard any iOS compatible app for the device. The pocket-sized printer uses heat-activated Zink paper and can deliver 2 x 3-inch sized prints without depending on the standard ink.

The Pocket Photo printer is expected to enter the shelves in Korean market soon for around $169 and will be available in pink, orange, and silver accents.

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