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Launch Of BlackBerry 10 Smartphone Could Fuel RIM Success
Launch Of BlackBerry 10 Smartphone Could Fuel  RIM Success


Research In Motion (RIM) has lost its crown in the Smartphone market to devices powered by Google Android OS and Apple’s iPhone.   RIM could stand to gains it market share and get back its lost name and fame back by its new line of BlackBerry 10 Smartphone as its last hope.

According to reports, the entire investments thesis hinges on the successful launch of BlackBerry 10 Smartphone, which is the key focus at present.  It was also revealed that along with focus on the launch of BB10 the other important thing is cash in hand, which will help them to market their new line effectively.  RIM has suffered a massive loss in the last quarter but still had managed to reserve its cash balances.

BB10 has managed to please the telecom carriers and developers, which may help RIM to achieve its lost market share. Investor’s and RIM’s fan are hoping and waiting to get more updates details about BB10.  If reports are to be believed, BB10 will give its first appearance in Jan’ 2013 and hopely stand to grab some eye-balls of Smartphone user’s with its new specifications.


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