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Locate Your Lost Items With Bluetooth- Enabled Stickers
Locate Your Lost Items With Bluetooth- Enabled Stickers

StickNFind, an ultimate solution for those who are prone to losing things like remote controls and keys.  It helps you to find the misplaced items by just sticking Bluetooth on the things and prevents you from creating a mess of your house.


StickNFind is a sticker equipped with Bluetooth low-energy technology and comes in the size of a quarter and weight well under an ounce.  You can use this amazing product by just sticking it on any object and can later use the accompanying application to figure out where the lost object is exactly placed.  The little tag has sound and light, which can be triggered separately.


The app features RADAR, which sends its users an alert when the item comes into the range and also gives warning when the item goes out of the range.  The app can be used by both Android OS and iOS, which supports Bluetooth Low Energy.   The StickNFind app can be of great use for finding your luggage; you don’t have to hover around the conveyor belt anymore just wait for the app to let you know when your bag comes into the range.


The sticker is powered by replaceable watch battery.  The app has got a bit of a Macro Polo aspect.  The radar style used in the sticker does not tell you the exact direction. You have to walk along the signal and where the signal is strong, the object lies there.

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