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Microsoft Developing Xbox Surface, Their Gaming Tablet
Microsoft Developing Xbox Surface, Their Gaming Tablet

Microsoft’s recently launched Surface Tablet has found quite a number of fans already. Seeing the great reception, Microsoft is all set to develop a 7-inch gaming tablet. According to the sources familiar with the subject told that, the initial planning for the Xbox Surface is in progress. The leaked specs for the Xbox Surface has been floating for quite a long time now, and we’re now hearing that those leaked specs were accurate and that Microsoft has begun working on the final implementation.


It is said that the Xbox Surface will probably have a high-bandwidth RAM and custom ARM processor, which were specifically designed for gaming tasks. We’ve been told that these specs can be further modified for accommodating an impromptu Intel SoC and that the new gaming Xbox Surface will be specifically developed independent  of any particular hardware. Microsoft's Xbox Surface will not run the complete version of Windows; instead, the 7-in Xbox surface will run a custom Windows kernel. The new Xbox surface will support several modern features like messaging and internet access, but the main attention will be given to gaming.

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