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Microsoft Developing a Stylus for All Screens
Microsoft Developing a Stylus for All Screens

According to a latest report coming in, Microsoft is said to be developing a stylus, which will work on every screen. As for now, the gadget has been introduced internally and has received rave reviews and hence the researchers are carrying on the development and eventually will be testing it as a potential product. The unique thing about this stylus is that it can be used on any display screen, even the ones that are not touch-sensitive like the standard LCD monitor. Microsoft’s impending Windows 8 OS will be completely finger-based input, but it will also support a stylus. Having said that, not all the customers updating to Windows 8 OS will be having a touch screen device and most probably will be using the conventional mouse & keyboard input devices. Therefore, in those cases this stylus seems to be of great use. Furthermore, you can use this device with Nintendo DS System. The use of stylus saw significantly drop after the emergence of iPhone, in fact, if you look around in the current market you would not find many stylus-operated devices. Considering all that into account, it will be interesting to see what kind of response the device gets from the market.

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