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Microsoft Gets New Logo after 25 Years
Microsoft Gets New Logo after 25 Years

World’s biggest software manufacturer Microsoft, is all set to launch a heap of new and advanced products in coming months. Setting up the stage for the looming products, Microsoft has unveiled their new corporate logo. The change in the logo is the first instance of Microsoft Corp. revamping its logo since February 1987. Back then, internet was a thing scarcely available and mobile phones were utter luxury. The change of logo according to market pundits is indicative of Microsoft’s changing thoughts and product lineups for catering people who interacts with technology a lot differently then around a decade ago, shun a quarter century. The revamped Microsoft logo has the name of the company in a straight, lighter font called Segoe, replacing the italic bold font of the old standby. The new logo has the standard red, yellow, blue, and green colors that are seen on the Microsoft's Windows operating system flag, but this time around, the colors are in square as oppose to curvy template, which we have seen for years now. The new shaped color boxes are indicative of tiles, which will be central to Windows 8. The new logo is Microsoft’s fifth logo, since Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded the company 37 years ago.

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