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Microsoft Might Launch “Surface Tablet” in Midnight
Microsoft Might Launch “Surface Tablet” in Midnight

Microsoft software giant is planning to launch their new creation SURFACE TABLET on 26 Oct midnight. 


Microsoft has never really forayed into the market as a hardware maker.  It has confined itself for developing the Window leaving task to its partners like HP, Asus, Samsung, and Dell to make hardware.  With the launch of Surface tablet it will change the tradition.


From sources it was revealed that The Surface tablet will run on Windows 8 OS featuring tablet interface Modern- UI and 10.6 HD display.


It has been rumored that Microsoft Surface Tablet will be launched followed by Surface Smartphone  that gives an idea that Microsoft like Apple wants to have  a full control of its entire line.

The surface Tablet has impressive features to stand out in crowd.  So if you are looking for amazing Tablets, Microsoft has bought another option Surface Tablet.

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