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Microsoft Opens Pre-Orders for Windows 8
Microsoft Opens Pre-Orders for Windows 8


Finally, the wait for the latest Windows iteration is over. The software giant, Microsoft Corp has started taking pre-orders for their latest Windows 8 OS. The price for the complete Windows 8 version is set at $70 for a DVD pack.


If are not in, a hurry to get the new Windows 8 Operating System then you can wait until October 26, when the OS will officially be available for download. At that time, it will also be a bit cheaper at $40, which is an introductory offer price and will expire at the end of January.


However, if you have bought a Windows 7 PC between 2 June & end of January 2013, then you will get an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro only for $15. The reason behind this is expected to prevent the drop in the PC sales before the official introduction of Windows 8.


Microsoft also informed that PC manufacturers like Asustek, Acer, HP, Dell, Sony, and Samsung have also started taking pre-orders for machines having Windows 8 pre-installed.


We didn’t got any information on Microsoft’s Surface tablet PC, which is supposed to enter the market almost at the same time as Windows 8. There are no details regarding the price or specifications of the product available, but we hope that it will be a strong contender for its rivals including Apple Inc's iPad.

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