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Microsoft Sued Over Windows 8 Live Tiles
Microsoft Sued Over Windows 8 Live Tiles


Just now, we reported the record downloads of Microsoft Windows 8, and here we are with yet another news featuring Microsoft’s latest Operating System. This time around, it’s not good news.


We just heard that a US Maine based firm by the name of Surfcast is suing the newly launched Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS, saying that they have patented the Live Tiles way back in 90s.


We all know that the live tiles are a significant part of Microsoft’s Windows 8. The Live Tiles means the self-updating dynamic tiles, which have replaced the traditional Start Menu of Windows OS in Windows 8. Each of those devices could be dragged around and the positioning of these tiles could be altered, as can bunch of tiles. Every set of tiles could be tailored to meet an individual’s taste --- by including or taking off the sub tiles.  


The live aspect of the tiles means that all the applications are frequently updated in the background, even if you are not using them actively.


In, their statement, Surfcast told that, they’ve developed the Live Tiles concept way back in 1990s, which was way ahead of its time. The new operating system from Microsoft has Live Tiles as its centerpiece, which is patented by us.


The outcome of the patent lawsuit will be interesting to see, but going by the claims that Surfcast has made, we think, Microsoft will be a lot busy in court meetings.

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