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Microsoft Surface Will Cost You Less Than Apple’s New iPad
Microsoft Surface Will Cost You Less Than Apple’s New iPad



Microsoft’s Surface tablet is now available on pre-order and will begin shipping from 26 Oct.  The list of the places for pre-order includes Canada, China, Australia, France, Hong Kong, Germany, The United Kingdom and United States. Unfortunately, India is not included in the list, however we will be updating you as soon as we get any information regarding the availability and pricing.


In order to grab the slice of thriving Tablet Market, Microsoft is all set to price its Surface Tablet below comparable versions of Apple’s iPad.  From the sources, it was revealed that Microsoft will sell its 32- gigabyte (GB) Tablet along with Wi-Fi connectivity at $ 499, which is compared to Apple’s new iPad of $599 is less.


Microsoft is expecting its Surface Tablet along with Windows tablets from other manufacturers will defy Apple’s dominance, which holds around 70% of the Tablet market since the category was introduced back in 2010.  The mini-laptops and full scale PCs has fallen in the market due to iPad’s popularity and has also affected the popularity of Microsoft’s Windows

The Surface Tablet runs on Nvidia Corp chip designed by ARM Holdings and will not be compatible with old Microsoft applications. But it will run a simplified version of Windows 8.  Microsoft Surface Tablet has impressive features including two cameras, Wi-Fi connectivity, USB port and new app-style versions of Power point, Word, Excel along with Xbox game, music and video apps. 

Microsoft surface Tablet looks pretty promising product from the software giant. we are expectant of it revitalizing companies’ stay in the tablet market.


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