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Microsoft Taking Pre-Orders for Windows 8 Upgrade
Microsoft Taking Pre-Orders for Windows 8 Upgrade

Microsoft has started taking pre-orders for their impending Windows 8 Upgrade Operating System. Pre-ordering the Windows 8 upgrade will cost you $14.99 approximately Rs. 850; however it’s only for the customers who’ve bought Windows 7-powered PC in the last 11 weeks. So, if you’ve bought a Windows 7 powered PC in recent past you are eligible for the upgrade and can file your pre-order online. Microsoft will start shipping Windows 8 upgrade in the month of October, 2012 and that’s when the customers doing the pre-order will be able to get their hands onto it. The $14.99 price for the upgrade is a bit on the higher side, especially considering the fact that the previous upgrades were mostly free. However, it’s still less than the $39.99 price for the users who will be upgrading to the new operating system directly from the older ones. It’s worth mentioning that while the users will be able to register for Windows 8 upgrade, the delivery of the orders will not be fulfilled until Oct. 26, which is the on-sale date of Windows 8.

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