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Microsoft Unveils Office On Demand Service
Microsoft Unveils Office On Demand Service

Microsoft has unveiled Office on Demand, which is a service that will let the user access provisional copies of Microsoft’s Office 2013 desktop app on any computer. The users will get access to the apps through their account on the Microsoft Office 2013 website, through internet streaming technology. The app will vanish once the user has closed down their accounts on Office 2013 website. The lead program manager of Microsoft, Mr. Paul Barr said, "How would you feel if you could access all the powerful features given in the Office applications without the need of installation? Wouldn't that give you the best 'installation experience'?" It’s worth mentioning that Microsoft already gives access to the web-based variants of their Word, PowerPoint, and Excel by means of their Office 365 subscription pack, but with the new service, users will get extended variants of every program just within a minute. The computer major released Office 2013 last month, affirming that the new software will have thorough SkyDrive integration, extended Social features, and complete touch-screen optimization. The Office on Demand service will be accessible once Microsoft Office 2013 enters the market, however we still haven’t received any official dates for the launch.

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