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Microsoft Unveils Their iPad Rival
Microsoft Unveils Their iPad Rival

Think of tablets and the unanimous name that pops up is Apple’s iPad and that’s pretty rightly so, after-all how many iPad rival have held on to their ground in the market. But the software giant Microsoft seemed determined to change all that with the unveiling of their Surface Tablet Computer using their own hardware set (yes, their own Microsoft’s hardware set). At the launch, Steve Ballmer, Chief Executive of Microsoft described their surface tablet as a tablet, which "works and plays." Microsoft has also pitched some poster and table sized touch screen computers named “Surface” in the business market. These tablets will be used in shops, restaurants, bars etc. According to the demo video of “Surface” tablet computer posted on their website, the tablet will be coming soon. A Surface variant running on Microsoft’s Windows RT built specifically for ARM mobile device chips weighed 676 grams and measures 9.3 mm in thickness. A 10.6” HD screen dominates the front of the tablet, while there will be two memory options of 32 or 64 GB which will be made available, says Microsoft. The tablet model of the Surface powered by Windows 8 Pro software measures 13.5 mm in thickness and weighs 903gm. The tablet model will have two memory options of 64 or 128 GB. According to Microsoft, the Surface Tablet brings an immaculate blend of software and hardware, with both of them pushing each other to the limits. As per the claims and promises made by Microsoft, the impending Surface tablet computer sounds a good deal, however whether it imposes any treat on the dominance of Apple’s iPad needs to be seen.

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