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Microsoft adopts Two-Step Account Verification
Microsoft adopts Two-Step Account Verification


Microsoft adopts Two-Step Account Verification 
Microsoft started rolling out two-step verification also known as two-step authentication for users to access Microsoft accounts.
Microsoft accounts are a global login for the Microsoft products, including Windows operating systems, phones, Xbox, Outlook.com, Office, SkyDrive, Skype and much more. If you log into nearly anything offered by the software giant, you likely have one of these accounts.
The two step verification will only take effect when users enable it by following https://account.live.com/proofs/Manage on their respective Microsoft accounts.
Once users enable it, additional information would need to be entered, apart from the username and password. Additional information includes the code and password that Microsoft sends to users' phones, or to their alternate email id. Users of Windows Phone have an authenticator app which Microsoft has released, through which they can receive the verification code offline as well.
The two step verification ensures "enhanced cloud security" which is one of its major advantages.

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