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Microsoft to unveil New Xbox at E3 2013
Microsoft to unveil New Xbox at E3 2013

Microsoft to unveil New Xbox at E3 2013

Microsoft has posted an E3 2013 countdown clock with the words "And it's on...” fuelling rumours that a successor to the Xbox 360 will be revealed by Microsoft at this year’s gaming convention.

It'...s rumoured that this announcement could possibly be about the company's next-gen console, dubbed by fans as the Xbox 720. This is similar to previous rumours that stated that the console will make its first appearance in the starting of 2013. The emergence of these rumours easily refers to the fact that the current generation of consoles has been the longest one so far. While previous generations only lasted for five years, the current generation has lasted for seven.

The other version of the next-gen Xbox console is rumored to havel have Windows 8 OS at its core and won’t be able to run the latest AAA gaming titles but will support Xbox Live. It will work more like a set top box providing entertainment along with casual games. The hardware specifications of the new Xbox aren’t known, but it’s reported that Microsoft will use a chipset that will enable an “always on” feature which will allow the device to boot quickly “and resumes providing near-instant access to TV and entertainment services.”

Further, Microsoft plans on introducing Kinect Glasses code named Fortaleza, which will be Wi-Fi or 4G-enabled and will feature augmented reality technology similar to the Google Glass project. As per a roadmap, the Fortaleza glasses, which will also incorporate cell radio, are planned for a 2014 launch.But this year’s E3 2013 show promises to generate excitement and will be a big one for Microsoft.

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